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WorkoutHealthy’s articles are written by multiple authors who work and have an education in the fitness industry. Each author is an expert in writing on the subject of fitness; and provides their unique writing styles to create a contrasting voice for the WorkoutHealthy Blog.
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Finding the Right Blend of Cardio and Weight Lifting for Muscle Growth

I was recently asked “will an intense cardiovascular workout after lifting heavy weights build my muscles bigger and faster?” The...


Date :: October 06, 2011

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Resistance Band Ab Exercises

There are several abs exercises that you can execute in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles, some of which are performed with...


Date :: November 17, 2011

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Bodybuilding Diet Plan: Eat Your Heart Out and Stay Ripped

Most aspiring body builders today, especially beginners are actually equipped with the weapons they need in order to reach their goals,...


Date :: October 05, 2011

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Featured Articles
increase metabolism

How to Increase Metabolism: 5 Easy Steps

No matter how “slow” you think your metabolism is, there are scientifically proven ways to speed it up. There are […]

by Jillita Horton  on April 24, 2014Comments(0)

mother and child exercise

Want Fit Kids? Moms Should Move More.

If you want your children to “go outside and play,” maybe you should join them, suggests a new study. For […]

by Jillita Horton  on April 4, 2014Comments(0)

dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate Heart Health: Include Hostess Cupcakes ?

We all know that dark chocolate is heart healthy, and we now know why, too, but where does one draw […]

by Jillita Horton  on March 7, 2014Comments(0)

Benefits Of Quaker Oats

6 Benefits Of Quaker Oats For Breakfast

If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your day and improve upon your nutrition, you should not overlook the […]

by WorkoutHealthy  on March 7, 2014Comments(0)

older person interval training

Can Older People Incorporate Interval Training ?

Older people, like younger, are excellent candidates for interval training. Interval training has been shown, via studies, to be not […]

by Jillita Horton  on March 6, 2014Comments(0)

types of fat

Does the Type of Fat You Eat Matter?

The medical community tends to dumb weight gain or loss and changes in body composition down to the overly simple […]

by Denny Krahe  on March 6, 2014Comments(0)

obese inactivity

How Inactive Are You

I came across an article recently that was simultaneously shocking while making perfect sense to me. According to recent research […]

by Denny Krahe  on March 6, 2014Comments(0)


Planks Are Great, But Can They Be Better?

Very few things in the fitness industry are as universally accepted as the notion that the best way to work […]

by Denny Krahe  on February 21, 2014Comments(0)

Mediterranean Diet Lowers Disease

Mediterranean Diet Lowers Disease Risk; but Do You Really Understand this Diet?

Don’t make the mistake of many people by only thinking you’re on the Mediterranean diet, when in fact, you’re nothing […]

by Jillita Horton  on January 29, 2014Comments(0)

standing desk fitness

Stand Up for Your Health

There are no shortage of ways available for you to improve your health by increasing your physical activity level. Regular […]

by Denny Krahe  on January 28, 2014Comments(0)