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WorkoutHealthy’s articles are written by multiple authors who work and have an education in the fitness industry. Each author is an expert in writing on the subject of fitness; and provides their unique writing styles to create a contrasting voice for the WorkoutHealthy Blog.
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Finding the Right Blend of Cardio and Weight Lifting for Muscle Growth

I was recently asked “will an intense cardiovascular workout after lifting heavy weights build my muscles bigger and faster?” The...


Date :: October 06, 2011

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Resistance Band Ab Exercises

There are several abs exercises that you can execute in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles, some of which are performed with...


Date :: November 17, 2011

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Your Elliptical Workout Plan For Weight Loss

As you get started on your weight loss journey, one thing that you’ll definitely want to spend some time getting into place is a...


Date :: October 12, 2011

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bikini competitors diet plan

A Bikini Competitor’s Diet Plan

The biggest different between a bikini competitor and a figure competitor is that they don’t need to be as strict […]

by Claire Troy  on March 2, 2015Comments(0)

bikini competitor workout plan

Bikini Competitors Workout Plan and Judges Guidelines

A bikini competitor trains hard and eats clean. Their exercise plan consists of around 5 to 6 days of intense […]

by Claire Troy  on March 1, 2015Comments(2)

preparation day before a bodybuilding contest

Preparation the Day Before A Bodybuilding Competition

The magical time has arrived. You have gone through all of the intense training and rigorous dieting and you find […]

by Troy Adashun  on February 22, 2015Comments(0)

preparation week before figure competition

Preparation the Week Before A Figure Competition

After weeks of preparing for a figure competition the final week is critical to bringing your best body to the […]

by Claire Troy  on February 22, 2015Comments(0)

beach body

Achieve a Beach Body During the Winter Hibernation

More often than not, the weather conditions and the cold that winter brings create a barrier for us to do […]

by WorkoutHealthy  on February 21, 2015Comments(0)

workout for professional figure competitors

Figure Competition Workouts For Professional Competitors

A professional figure competitor is obviously someone who may have her Pro card, someone who has won numerous competitions, or someone […]

by Claire Troy  on February 21, 2015Comments(0)

workouts for experienced bodybuilding competitors

Bodybuilding Competition Workouts for Professional Male Competitors

Competing on the professional bodybuilding stage requires a precise blend of strategic nutrition and high intensity workouts. Both of these […]

by Troy Adashun  on February 20, 2015Comments(0)

low blood sugar symptoms

Low Blood Sugar Symptoms You Should Know

As you go about your diet program, one thing that you need to be aware of and prepared should the […]

by WorkoutHealthy  on February 19, 2015Comments(0)

workout novice competitors

Figure Competition Workouts for Novice Competitors

Hey novice competitors, welcome to the world of bodybuilding! Be prepared for a whole new world of sparkly bikinis, orange […]

by Claire Troy  on February 19, 2015Comments(0)

diet plan experienced competitors

Figure Competition Diet Plan for Experienced Competitors

Would you classify yourself as an experienced figure competitor, or do you just want to know what an experienced competitor’s […]

by Claire Troy  on February 18, 2015Comments(1)