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Things To Do If You Feel Tired Before You Exercise

Feel Tired Before You Exercise

Everyone experiences a low energy, lethargic, lazy day now and then. It’s not always easy to find the motivation to work out and at times it seems easier just to skip it. Here are some suggestions of certain things you can do if you feel tired before you exercise that may help you get through it. You’ll be glad you did.

Grab a Cup of Java

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant. Not only can it offer a great boost to your morning, it can do the same for your workout. For those times when you’re feeling tired before you exercise, a cup of coffee or green tea, or a shot of espresso may just get you over the hump.

Studies have repeatedly shown the positive effects of caffeine on athletic performance. While the direct cause is still unknown, it is believed that caffeine simultaneously stimulates the central nervous system while masking feelings of exhaustion. It may not be a magic potion, but it will likely give you the extra push you need to tackle that workout.

Crank the Tunes

Music is a fantastic way to motivate and rejuvenate. Imagine those times when perhaps you’re driving in your car, feeling bored and fatigued and a great song comes on. All of a sudden you’re dancing in your seat and the day seems a little brighter.

It’s always helpful to have some invigorating music playing during your workout. It’s even more beneficial for those times when you’re feeling tired before you exercise. Make sure you load up some great tracks before you head to the gym. Not only will your energy level improve, you’ll also have more fun and you will likely work harder too.

Try Something New

Boredom can certainly contribute to a feeling of being tired before you exercise. If you’ve been following the same program, same exercises and the same set and rep scheme for an extended period of time it may just be matter of spicing things up.

Try a different routine for a while. Change up the exercises in your program or play around with the reps and weights. If you’ve been lifting heavy, go lighter with higher reps. If you’re sick of barbell squats, try split squats or lunges.

You won’t just benefit from the mental stimulation of change, you’re physique will benefit as well. Physical adaptation will occur after an extended period of time performing the exact same workout. Mixing things up and adding new exercises and rep ranges will keep those muscles guessing, stimulating growth and development. It’s a win/win situation.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes a change of scenery is all we need to add a boost to our workout. If you’re bored with the same gym scene, environment and the same people, the monotony of the scenery may contribute to your feeling tired before you exercise.

Try a different gym for a while, maybe work out at home if possible or better yet, try an outdoor workout. Not only will the beauty of the outdoors inspire you, the fresh air will add an extra kick in the pants.

Recover and Replenish with Glutamine

Glutamine is one of the non-essential amino acids and is predominantly stored in muscle tissue. Glutamine is responsible for removing ammonia from the blood, maintaining the health of the immune system and aiding in digestion.

Since ammonia production is created through intense exercise, supplementing with glutamine may aid in recovery for those of us that work out vigorously on a regular basis.

Most people will receive sufficient glutamine through diet alone so it’s certainly not necessary for everyone. If you’re training for a long distance event or doing a lot of intense, heavy lifting, you may find that a glutamine supplement aids in your recovery.

Proper recovery is essential for growth, development and energy levels. If your recovery suffers you will likely feel tired before you exercise. Try adding a glutamine supplement and see if that makes a difference to your next training session.

In Summary

Staying motivated and energized in your workout program isn’t always easy. It takes hard work to keep going and to get through those days when you’d just rather hang out on the couch. Use these techniques to help you stick with it when you may be feeling tired before you exercise.

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Shauna Labelle has worked with extensive demographics including a wide range of goals and requirements. She has coached men, women, children, seniors, ranging in age from 9 to 90. Shauna has incorporated her knowledge and drawn on personal experience to create programs for pre/post natal clients, professional bodybuilders, triathletes, business executives that just want to lose a few pounds, seniors that want to have the energy to play with their grandchildren and everything in between.

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4 Responses to “Things To Do If You Feel Tired Before You Exercise”
  1. Michael Goo says:

    These are really good advice to get the energy you need to exercise. Also, playing music or watching a video of something epic will get you pumped up to exercise, well it does for me.

  2. Cindy Nash says:

    I really think that motivation is a key factor in trying to be in shape. Everyone should have a goal or a reason of why they want to be in shape. And because of that motivation, they can keep it up for many years to come. This is a really good article, keep it up.

  3. Villegas Baal says:

    This was a very helpful post! I’ve been losing motivation in working out and feel a little bit lazy after Thanksgiving and the Holidays. I’ll be sure to use these advice to try to workout again.

  4. Kenneth King says:

    I really agree with cranking out the tunes. Playing the Rocky Montage song really motivates me to work out more often and harder. Also “Staying Alive” by Bee Gees is an awesome song for jogging a lot.

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